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Thesis Theme Alternatives

While Thesis Theme is currently at its peak where WordPress frameworks are concerned, there are Thesis Theme alternatives that may offer a similar, if not better experience to their users. There are many articles talking about Thesis Theme alternatives, but most of them just talk about other themes and get done. An alternative is one which will provide a similar quality of services that Thesis has now become famous for.

Thesis theme is a WordPress framework that is popular for its all-in-one SEO approach. It’s in built SEO options make it unnecessary for webmasters to employ any other methods to optimize their domain. Along with that, it’s ease, comfort, and clean interface makes it a visual pleasure to work it.

Every time there is a big fish, there are smaller ones that come to nibble at a carcass. The Thesis Theme alternatives are such fish, but some of them are surprisingly good at what they do. In case there are any reasons that one is not satisfied with Thesis, mentioned below are the options they have available to gather a similar experience:

If you’re looking for a Thesis WordPress theme alternative, then the two alternatives mentioned below are perfect for you:

Genesis WordPress Framework

Genesis theme for WordPress has been popular for quite sometime now. Brought forth by the team of Copyblogger, well known for their Scribe SEO plugin, Genesis has a lot to offer.

Genesis is known for building websites that are Search engine optimized, and extremely secure. This framework is also popular for the ease, and convenience that is works with, specially for people who lack great coding skills. WordPress websites are not highly popular for being secure, but Genesis takes care of this problem. A hacked website could mean losing all content, money, and search engine results – it can be devastating. Genesis WordPress framework is the only one that take the challenge of securing a website seriously.

Genesis WordPress framework has automatic updates keeping the software on its toes for any development in the SEO field. The website designs are not just clean, and aesthetically appeasing, but also optimized for search engines. The 41 Genesis turn-key designs that one gets make your content look professionally touched upon, and breathtakingly superior. Also, the design options are added to frequently.

Unlike most other frameworks, with Genesis WordPress framework, the support (which by the way is brilliant) is unlimited, so are the number of websites it’s applicable for, and the number of updates. These things are what makes Genesis stand apart and clearly compete closely with Thesis. For a webmaster with multiple domains to look after, there is nothing better and more economical then Genesis (not even Thesis Theme)!

The offers they present are economical and efficient. On buying the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package, one gets to access each of the 41 child-theme that are available now, and any theme they create in the future! Updating a Genesis website is a child’s play – no need to spend hours understanding an update just when you got hang of the last one. Many webmasters do not update their domain for same fear. In Genesis, everything is integrated, and takes just a click.

ThemeMX WordPress theme

ThemeMX is relatively new, but a few things have made it come under the attention of top bloggers, and successful webmasters alike. It’s a fresh-looking theme by default, and offers unlimited updates for one. They have a pretty decent customer support system to take care of complaints, doubts and difficulties.

It is popular because it provides a high level of personalization, flexibility, and customization. Changing structure of the website, layout, and colors of just about anything is clicks away. Theme MX comes in two plans the Personal (a one time payment of $67) and the Pro (a one time payment of $97) – the former meant for those who are supporting only one domain and making it profitable, and the latter for an experienced webmaster with many domains to look after.

Like Thesis, and Genesis, it also offers SEO options and exclusive customization options (the Pro plan) but not as great as those mentioned above.

Thesis Theme Alternatives: Summary

Thesis Theme alternatives presented here are pretty much the only ones that compete with that awesome product, specially Genesis. Of course, there are more themes that enter the market everyday, but few have even come close to what these have to offer.
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